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Architectural & Master Planning services in London and Hampshire.

We are  a team of passionate designers and technicians who believe that architectural services should be hassle-free and innovative. We are always upfront, on-point, and fairly priced. We work locally, but we think globally.


Collectively, we have completed projects large-and-small, for private individuals and global companies, ranging from small domestic extensions and conversions to large-scale new builds, high-risers and master plans for residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.

Visit our Projects portfolio to see what we’ve been up to, and don’t forget to explore our Services section if you’re interested in seeing how we can help you to make your next project a success. 


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Architectural Services

Architectural Design

Every functional space begins with a clever design.

Master Planning

Designs that work together, with the grand scheme in mind.

Technical Drawings

With emphasis on precision and efficiency.

Planning Permissions

We’ll do the hard work to get your application approved.

Interior Design

Let us make your favourite space feel like your own.

Creative Consulting

Need fresh ideas or a bit of mind bending?

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Below are some frequent questions and answers

A Design Practice is about the thoughtful navigation of complex challenges with a bias towards the development of solutions.


For smaller designs such as domestic extensions, the role is one of more multidisciplinary and is seen as the lead to ensuring all possible areas of design are covered and could cover project management


On residential or smaller commercial projects, a designer might cover all areas of the project, from architecture to briefing, client liaison, and inspecting work on site.


For larger projects, a designer’s role will be more complex and in-depth and will include a more technical level of detailing, and they will work as part of a larger team involving other qualified professionals.

Like any other professional, ensuring peace of mind and a guarantee of quality.


Provide a service fully covered by indemnity insurance should anything go wrong We are also experts in not only design and project management offering a fantastic service and of course value for money.

It the nature of our profession and very much like apples and pears, not everybody can see the finished article till its drawn so yes some revisions to their plans as part of their service are acceptable, but it’s worth remembering that these changes take time to incorporate and have a knock-on effect on the rest of the project.


As such, it’s better to tell your designer about all the changes you’d like to make in the first draft design – a piecemeal approach to possible changes are inefficient both in terms of work and cost! So it’s worth condensing all the changes you make into your revisions!

As a rule, solo designers tend to have strengths in one field of expertise, whereas by instructing a team of designers, technologists, and planners, you’re more likely to have all the bases covered. If it’s your first project, we would strongly recommend that you go with a team that has the knowledge and expertise to cover all the different aspects of a building project.

All design practices have a niche market – and we are different in that we have several. As you are paying for a service with us you assured that we will bring the necessary knowledge and experience.


If your project is a home extension of makeover in a listed building or is a residential development in a conservation or green belt area, then we’ve got the team you’re looking for.


We don’t pretend to or agree to undertake works we feel will not have the desired result – we’re just looking to provide our best designs and service to our clients in the areas that we know best

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